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Win Cards an Improved Gambling Revenue

Reports in papers suggest that while more people have been visiting casinos in Vegas, revenue from gambling is on the decline. This is why steps must be taken to ensure that gambling revenue rises up to normal levels. Many believe that the solution to this problem is to get people to play live games.

So many people will go through a Vegas casino, but a small percentage will wager money on something more than slot machines. The challenge is to get them to participate, especially in live games. For example, stats show that almost 90% of people who visit and stay in Vegas casinos have no clue how to play craps. It is a dying game, and this is because new players are not being marketed properly. Older players do not play as much, and the new generation knows little about craps.

Vegas On The Rush At Night
Vegas On The Rush At Night

Having a craps table at a casino is not promotion. This is not going to get customers excited about the game. Casinos need to make these games more appealing to beginners. Someone who has never played craps should be confident enough to go up and try the game at a Vegas casino.

This is where the Win Cards program comes into play. This concept is there to attract people towards live games. Win Cards are plastic cards that have a dial on them. This dial shows beginners the basics of all live casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps.

Not only is this an effective way to get new gamblers, it is cost effective. It is said that millions of new gamblers have been created by Win Cards in over 200 casinos in over 25 years. It is time for Vegas to use this method to promote their games as well.

Casinos such as the El Juan in Puerto Rico, Pullmantur Cruises in Spain, and the Riviera in Las Vegas have just introduced the program. It is available in different languages and is set to bring new customers by the day. One casino in Vegas, the Circus-Circus, has been using this system for more than 14 years, and it has been a huge success.

The Mandalay Bay, Four Queens, and Tropicana have also been using this system for a very long time. The Win Cards Program is proven, it is cost effective, and it is necessary for casinos that want to turn tourists into gambling customers.