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Unique Partnership between MyWinners and Income Access

Online horserace wagering company MyWinners, which is the only firm to be allowed to do business legally within the state of Connecticut, has forged a partnership with digital marketing provider Income Access to form a new business entity. Through this partnership the gaming affiliate of MyWinners will be integrated with Income Access’s platform to set up a new firm which will be used for search engine marketing operations and media purchase. Presently a subsidiary of MyWinners allows Connecticut residents to wager online on horse races being conducted across United States. The subsidiary which functions under MyWinners brand Sportech PLC has a dynamic wagering facility which gives streaming video coverage of race tracks and handicapping selections.

MyWinners and Income Access

 Partnership strategies

Through the new partnership with Income Access, MyWinners brand will launch new affiliate on its platform which has received several awards as Best Affiliate Software several times and has been supporting iGaming marketing strategies from 2002. After the integration which will be completed by first quarter of 2015, it will be managed by Income Access. While announcing the partnership at a press conference Josh Tepper of MyWinners stated that, this partnership will enhance the experience for the firm’s loyal fans in Connecticut State who are users of its online horse race wagering site and make it more interactive.

 Promotion as national brand

The partnership affiliate program will also enable the acquisition specialists of Income Access to perform digital marketing activities for MyWinners brand. They will improve the brand’s online profile through creation of progressive search engine strategy through advertisement campaigns and purchase of digital media from third parties. MyWinners has an enviable reputation in the online horse racing circuit in Connecticut and is keen to retain the position for long. With the help of this online marketing strategy MyWinners wants to establish itself as a national brand for horse race wagering once it is legalized around the nation.