Understanding the Dont Pass Bet and How It Can Hep You

Craps is a game of dice where players earn payouts on the outcome of the roll. There are many ways you can bet in a craps game. Some of these bets include ‘line bets’, ‘single roll bets’, ‘multiple roll bets’ and ‘player bets’. The likelihood of winning a huge amount in Craps depends upon the type of bet you place and the current situation of the game.

The ‘don’t pass’ bet

craps tableThe ‘don’t pass’ bet is a self service bet where players can bet directly by placing their chips in the ‘don’t pass’ area. The ‘don’t pass’ area can be found near the ‘pass’ line. This area is also called ‘back line’.

A don’t pass bet is always made before the shooter rolls for a new game. When betting a don’t pass, the roll-out can have 4 possible outcomes :

  1. If 2 or 3 shows up, the don’t pass wins and the game end immediately.
  2. If 7 or 11 comes up, the don’t pass loses, resulting an end to the game.
  3. If 12 shows up, it’s considered a tie, that is, you don’t lose or win and game ends immediately.
  4. If 4, 5,, 6, 8, 9, 10 show up, a point is marked and the game goes on.

Making use of the ‘don’t pass’ bet

  • Technically, a don’t pass bet is the opposite of pass line bet. Which means that a player can remove his/her don’t pass bet at any time. The don’t pass bet shifts the advantage to your side once you have gained a point. At such times, make sure that you place a don’t pass bet before the first point is established.
  • The don’t pass bet is an even money bet and this means that you win the exact amount that you bet.