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Intro: Welcome to the Big Break

Break Away online slot gameYour big Break has finally arrived. I’m not talking about a giant wave in Hawaii, I’m talking about the chance to revel in the riches of online slot competition. This break, ironically, comes in the form of the Break Away online video slot. The slot is the focal point of this latest contest, the 3k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament. Gear up and get ready!


The Survivor tournament is truly one of a kind. You and 1000 other bloodthirsty competitors will scramble like so many ants over each other, on a mountain of sugar. The entry fee to be a starving ant is 12 EUR. It commences on 2015/10/24 00:10, keeping in mind that we are running on GMT + 1:00 (BMT). Apply now, to secure your position in this clash of sorcery and sportsmanship!


In this game, the goal of the game is the goal. Guide the Free Spin Puck to a cornucopia of excess delight. This is a 5-reel game, and is decorated with the latest and greatest in Microgaming graphic and audio design! You will be enthralled with these and other features:

  • Spin the Rolling Reels for endless consecutive spins!

  • Stacked and Smashing Wilds offer mind-bending multipliers!

Game rules are prominently displayed on screen! You won’t have to miss a minute of the pulse-pounding action!

Online Gambling Laws: Important Canadian and German Variants

Online Gambling falls right in the most confusing areas as far as laws of any country or land are concerned. Whether to apply the laws of the land that the gambling house (internet company, in this case) is located in or of the land that the players are located in is the biggest unresolved issue all over the world.

Online gambling laws

What should Canadian and German online gamblers keep in mind while playing online?

As far as Canada is concerned, gambling and betting laws are handled by the provincial governments. That hasn’t really made much of a difference, as all the provinces, presently, use more or less similar laws. The fact of the matter is gambling online is legal in all Canadian states as of 2015 and no charges have ever been brought up against gamblers in the history. So, that’s one reason to make Canadian gamers feel a wee bit relieved. However, the onus of determining that the house they are betting with doesn’t involve in criminal activities lies on the gamers. While an element of uncertainty still remains over who actually watches the online gambling service providers, it’s a legally construed fact that gamers are allowed a free hand.

For the German counterparts, the laws are much more ambiguous. The complex nature of EU legal structure and German legal framework means that gamers have to abide by two distinct laws to refrain from illegal activities. That said, gambling has been socially accepted in Germany – far more so than some other European countries. So, any reputed online gambling and gaming house that is duly registered with civic and legal authorities is safe to engage with.

Bitcoin Casino Offers Free Spins to Players for the First Time

Betchain Casino which has been a pioneer user of Bitcoin currency in online casino space has taken another step forward by offering free spins to players. Betchain is first among all bitcoin casino providers to offer 50 free spins which is now being offered on a weekly basis as a part of its promotional offer. Betchain has always been an innovative game provider who is known to offer new games every now and then while discontinuing old ones. The website is available in seven different language versions and accepts players from all countries, though a few websites have ceased to do that. In addition to free spins for players on slot games, the online casino also offers no deposit free spins.

Betchain Casino which has been a pioneer user of Bitcoin currency in online casino space has taken another step forward by offering free spins to players.

 Latest offers from Betchain Casino

In its latest promotional drive called “free spins friday” will automatically credit players accounts with free spins which can go up to maximum number of 50 depending on their total deposits as only registered members are eligible for the free spin offers. Betchain also offers free spins on slot games without any deposits so players can just understand its jackpots and free spin offers better. For helping its customers learn the scheme clearly, Betchain will be running a social media campaign via Twitter and fans can stay informed about latest offers by following twitter handle #FreeSpinsFriday.

Betchain’s other offers and promotions

With this offer Betchain will soon consolidate its position among Softsiss casinos in the world and will also boost its affiliate program. The site offers largest affiliate programs in the world which can be given in the form of free spins to players. This scheme will boost its affiliate partner’s brand value and also increase traffic to the website. Players that want to earn more free spins on the incredible slots offered by the website can make small deposits and earn 50 additional free spins every single week.