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League of Fortune Slot Review

Leagues of Fortune hasn’t become one of the Microgaming platform’s most popular video slots games since its release, but it does stand out from the other mid-list games. As one of the first games to boast the new My Gamble feature, as well as a strong contender on fundamentals, it’s no surprise that the game’s seen a positive response from players around the world. But instead of talking about how the game is or isn’t popular, let’s discuss why: aesthetics, features, and bets.


In the fiercely competitive world of online video slots, flash counts for nearly as much as substance. Leagues of Fortune makes a strong showing with its nautical-themed graphics and sound effects, but it doesn’t compete with the best Microgaming has to offer. There’s little to complain about on looks, style, or sound, but that’s just not enough in the modern slots arena.


Here’s where Leagues of Fortune really shines. There are several play options, fun Scatter offering free rolls with 5x payouts, and the exciting new My Gamble feature. My Gamble allows winners to risk their winnings for bigger returns, either part or the whole thing. You can keep going until you lose or chicken out, adding a bit of fresh excitement to your video slots experience.


The Leagues of Fortune game sits on the lower-middle area of the wager spectrum, with minimum bets of 0.30 or 0.50 and maximum bets of 10.00—enough to feel in your wallet, but not enough to make or break anyone’s fortune. In addition to basic payouts, you have several opportunities to multiply your winnings. Get three to five treasure chests, and you’ll unlock free rolls—rolls that come with a 5x multiplier. You can also improve your winnings through the new My Gamble feature; choose where you think the needle will land, with smaller areas carrying smaller odds and better winnings. You can Bank half your winnings, spin the needle, or collect your winnings as you like—risk big, win or lose big.