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Intro: Welcome to the Big Break

Break Away online slot gameYour big Break has finally arrived. I’m not talking about a giant wave in Hawaii, I’m talking about the chance to revel in the riches of online slot competition. This break, ironically, comes in the form of the Break Away online video slot. The slot is the focal point of this latest contest, the 3k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament. Gear up and get ready!


The Survivor tournament is truly one of a kind. You and 1000 other bloodthirsty competitors will scramble like so many ants over each other, on a mountain of sugar. The entry fee to be a starving ant is 12 EUR. It commences on 2015/10/24 00:10, keeping in mind that we are running on GMT + 1:00 (BMT). Apply now, to secure your position in this clash of sorcery and sportsmanship!


In this game, the goal of the game is the goal. Guide the Free Spin Puck to a cornucopia of excess delight. This is a 5-reel game, and is decorated with the latest and greatest in Microgaming graphic and audio design! You will be enthralled with these and other features:

  • Spin the Rolling Reels for endless consecutive spins!

  • Stacked and Smashing Wilds offer mind-bending multipliers!

Game rules are prominently displayed on screen! You won’t have to miss a minute of the pulse-pounding action!