Slot Addict Steals from His Mother

Although only a small percentage of people have an addiction to slot machines, those that do can behave in an extreme manner to finance their addiction. Joseph Jennings, a 29 year old citizen of the United Kingdom, recently pleaded guilty and was sentenced in court for stealing his father’s stamp collection.

His father, Peter Jennings, was well known for having been the press secretary for the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham, but he was also known in the world of stamp collecting for having an impressive collection with many rare stamps. Upon his death, the collection was passed to his wife. His son, Joseph Jennings, stole these stamps from his mother and sold them to collectors, so he could play his favorite slot machine. According to Jennings’ attorney, all of the money was spent playing the same fruit machine.

He did not steal the entire stamp collection, but stole a large portion of it in small amounts over time. The total amount received during this time period was approximately £14,000, but investigators say that this was much less than the stamps were worth. Getting the best price for the stamps was obviously not his motivation.

Jennings’s mother was in no way motivated to sell the collection at this time as it was a source of pride to her and other members of the family. She did plan to use it in the future to help her finances in retirement. Authorities have been able to recover three-fourths of the collection to date.

The judge understood that the offence was not a onetime action, but one that was consistent with someone having a compulsive disorder combined with an addiction to gambling. Although he considered a strong sentence, he took into account the desires of Jennings’ family, especially his mother.

Jennings will not be spending any time in jail for his action because of a guilty plea and his mother’s request for leniency. He will, however, be required to spend 150 hours of community service over a two year period for which he will not be compensated.

Microgaming Introduce Lucky Koi to the Pond

In order to keep things interesting, Microgaming has a number of themes that it regularly adds new slot machines to. One of the most popular Microgaming slot themes is its Far East theme, which focuses on an element of Japanese or Chinese culture and seeks to find a respectful way of integrating that into a slot game. Its newest addition to the Far East slots theme is Lucky Koi, and Koi, which hold a significant place in Japanese culture, are an intriguing theme choice because they represent the tranquility that many people seek when playing slots online.

Mechanics and Gameplay

As with most Microgaming slot machines, the mechanics are rather straightforward. The UI elements are integrated directly into the game display. Click the View Pays link to review the machine’s pay table. The Auto Play toggle allows the player to activate or disable automatic spins. The Bet window indicates the bet amount per spin, and the left and right red arrows let the user adjust the bet amount and the active lines. The Win window indicates the won amount, and the Spin button activates the next round or even a series of rounds if Auto Play is toggled on.

Gameplay includes bets ranging from .01 to 25, and special features include a wild symbol, a multiplier and a scatter symbol. Lucky Koi also has a bonus mode; when activated, the player has the choice between accepting 10-30 free spins with a built-in 5x multiplier or 10-30 free spins with a chance to play the Koi bonus round. The bonus round provides 3-6 picks from the pond, and picks can result in additional free spins and additional picks from the pond.


With all lines active and spinning at the maximum bet, Lucky Koi pays out as much as 25,000, which is quite good. However, the biggest prize is available from the Koi bonus round. With a little luck, it’s possible to walk away with hundreds of free spins, and that can result in far more than just the 25K jackpot itself.


Microgaming tries to make a splash with the first online slot machine it introduces each year, and it has certainly done that with Lucky Koi. It’s a fast-paced slot game with superb graphics, diverse music and sound effects, challenging gameplay, a host of features and a lucrative potential payday that will keep players coming back for more.

Maple Casino Releases Tiger Moon Slots

Tiger Moon SlotsTiger Moon is a proud new addition to the Microgaming series and brings with it a rich Far Eastern tradition to Maple Online Casino. Players are able to get a taste of Asian treasures and delicacies through great rewards awarded by the casino.

Tiger Moon is a Video Slot game offering a fantastic Free Spins Feature, which is triggered by a 3, 4 or 5 adjoining a Tiger symbol, on the reels. Once players have received Free Spins and a Wild symbol appears on reel 2, the win will then be multiplied by 4. A Wild on reel 4 results in the win being multiplied by 5 and if the Wild falls on reels 2 and 4, the winnings are then multiplied by 20.

Go on a journey to the Far East with Maple Casino and discover a world of wealth and fascinating traditions. As the reels turn, players can enjoy quality graphics as well as great Bonus Features that will help to encourage even bigger wins on this 5 Reel, 9 Payline oriental Video Slot.