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    Slot Addict Steals from His Mother

    Although only a small percentage of people have an addiction to slot machines, those that do can behave in an extreme manner to finance their addiction. Joseph Jennings, a 29 year old citizen of the United Kingdom, recently pleaded guilty and was sentenced in court for stealing his father’s stamp collection. His father, Peter Jennings, was well known for having been the press secretary for the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham, but he was also known in the world of stamp collecting for having an impressive collection with many rare stamps. Upon his death, the collection was passed to his wife. His son, Joseph Jennings, stole these stamps from his mother…

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    Microgaming Introduce Lucky Koi to the Pond

    In order to keep things interesting, Microgaming has a number of themes that it regularly adds new slot machines to. One of the most popular Microgaming slot themes is its Far East theme, which focuses on an element of Japanese or Chinese culture and seeks to find a respectful way of integrating that into a slot game. Its newest addition to the Far East slots theme is Lucky Koi, and Koi, which hold a significant place in Japanese culture, are an intriguing theme choice because they represent the tranquility that many people seek when playing slots online. Mechanics and Gameplay As with most Microgaming slot machines, the mechanics are rather…

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    Maple Casino Releases Tiger Moon Slots

    Tiger Moon is a proud new addition to the Microgaming series and brings with it a rich Far Eastern tradition to Maple Online Casino. Players are able to get a taste of Asian treasures and delicacies through great rewards awarded by the casino. Tiger Moon is a Video Slot game offering a fantastic Free Spins Feature, which is triggered by a 3, 4 or 5 adjoining a Tiger symbol, on the reels. Once players have received Free Spins and a Wild symbol appears on reel 2, the win will then be multiplied by 4. A Wild on reel 4 results in the win being multiplied by 5 and if the…