• Straddling on Poker Games

    Impact of Straddling on Poker Games

    There has been a lot of debate in recent months about straddling on the poker table. A lot of players go on the poker table with the intention of straddling. Some will even make it known to the other players on the table. It is important to understand the impact straddling can have on your overall game strategy. When you end up on a table where someone is intent on straddling throughout the game, here are a few changes that must be made to your game plan. 1. Straddling Changes the Betting Dynamics If you are playing a game where the small blind is $1 and the big blind is…

  • Video poker

    A Low-Risk Alternative To Traditional Poker: Video Poker

    Of all the gambling favorites, Poker seems to top the list. Now, it is possible to undergo a surreal experience through the concept of Video Poker. The game itself is a fabulous integration of Poker and Casino while maintaining concept of the traditional 5 card game. The interface is similar to that of a slot machine, allowing for dynamic interactions and an explanation of the name. This online setting is perfect for those who dislike face-to-face interaction with others and the overall environment. Even though there are not people to compete with sitting next to you, video poker offers challenge and diversity. In regards to diversity, various deviations of the…