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A Day in the Life of an A-List Poker Madam

At the centre of Hollywood, hidden under the infamous Viper room, is private room with a poker table where famous celebrities meet to play high-stakes poker games. Molly Bloom shares her secrets working as a Poker Madam in Los Angeles, hosting underground celebrity no limit Texas Hold’em games. Published in her book, Molly’s Game, she reveals characteristics and personalities of high profile Hollywood gamblers and their exploits.

Hosting high-stakes

A former cocktail waitress from Colorado, Molly worked her way up from running errands as an assistant in a small real estate company to coordinating celebrity poker game nights.

In 2004, at the age of 27, she was handed the responsibility of hosting these star-studded games.

Illustrious clientèle

In time, Bloom was allotted the task of inviting high rollers to join the table and play poker with the likes of Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ben Affleck. Apart from film stars, the table also saw professional athletes like baseball star Alex Rodriguez and Hip Hop artist Nelly, as well. Over the years, popular personalities from different fields such as politicians, businessmen, and hedge fund managers joined in on the action.

Hefty rewards

Lured by rewards in hefty cash tips and earning as much as $3000 on her first night, Bloom was immediately wrangled into arranging highly exclusive elite poker meets. By 2009, she had worked her way to earning around $4 million on her cut of 5-10 percent of the pot.

Celebrity secrets

With her experience from working with A-List celebrities, Molly has a lot to disclose in her book about some of the juiciest celebrity gossip shared during the games. In an interview, Bloom told People magazine that regular player Tobey Maguire, nick named ‘Hannibal Lecter,’ was the worst tipper, the best player and the absolute worst loser. She also said that Matt Damon was lovely, modest, down-to-earth, and very gracious, and that Ben Affleck was the best tipper from the celebrity bunch.